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CCTV For The Home


CCTV works by deterring criminals from committing offences inside and outside the home. The simple presence of a CCTV system is often enough to make the most ambitious burglar to think again and walk the other way. 


Should intruder actually manage to enter your home, CCTV is a surefire way to gather evidence together to support criminal prosecution. One of the benefits of installing CCTV near your entry point doors is that it will provide a clear image before even opening the door, especially good the elderly or for those who live on their own. 

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CCTV systems (closed circuit television) have the capability of protecting the whole house and it’s perimeter, thus protecting vehicles, sheds and garages alike. Most systems these days come with remote viewing functionality and can therefore be viewed from practically anywhere in the world, this gives the owner full peace of mind when away at work on holiday. 


The majority of burglars will knock on the door before attempting to make an entry to ensure there is no one in, many prefer to target easy access points such as a side entry which should be covered and monitored by a CCTV camera. 

home cctv covering a car
cctv camera kit

Camera positioning is foremost when considering a CCTV system, even the most advanced systems can miss vital evidence if they are not positioned correctly and covering the main points of interest. How to make your home safe.


Over the years, people have realised just how important CCTV is, and although price of these systems have dropped dramatically over that time, it’s doubtful that insurance companies will look to give attractive discounts for having a system installed. Nevertheless CCTV can give complete peace of mind and protect your home family and property 24-hours 365 days a year. 

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Proffessional or DIY?

CCTV systems can be fitted by yourself or by a professional, many homeowners choose to fit them by themselves, especially as wireless systems make this process easier. However as mentioned, the installation and positioning of the cameras are a vital part in protecting your home. For this reason the majority of people looking to install a burglar alarm choose to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a professionally fitted system. 


Another reason that people that choose to call a professional company is down to concerns over data protection. It should be noted that if you are catching any kind of imagery whatsoever, you should ensure proper fitting and positioning. Should your system catch footage outside the perimeter of your property, you would be breaking the data protection act. 

Man Install Outdoor Surveillance Ip Camera For Home Security

Batten Down The Hatches

Windy weather and storms can easily knock cameras out of place if they are not fitted correctly, this can result in your cameras catching footage of the neighbours garden for example, which will leave you open to criminal prosecution. 


It’s a well-known fact that CCTV systems do not just give peace of mind but they protect the entire premises around the Clock. If you would like to chat to us about how we can help you protect your home and family, please contact us for a chat on 0203 961 8181.

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