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Closed circuit television (CCTV) is used to protect premises and homes for security purposes and used to monitor and record images of specific locations of events that take place live. Footage captured on CCTV systems is monitored and recorded in real time and is accessible through video, DVD or cloud via digital transmission. By using controllers, the cameras can be operated throughout the premises from either on site or a remote location.

CCTV systems can be left unattended or monitored and footage can be stored via a hard drive, and monitored via desktop or mobile. They provide visual surveillance that works to deter people from commiting a crime or breaking the law. 


Closed circuit television has been around for many years but technology advancements have made it so much or effective at catching criminals and protecting our homes, so let’s look at the different types of CCTV systems

Wired Systems
Hard wired systems are traditional, and commonly used on larger properties and require cables that transmit the data from the camera to the DVR.


Hard wired CCTV systems work by sending footage transmissions from the camera to the recorder (DVR) which runs through a router. Wired systems come with two options for powering or supplying the voltage, an individual power cord or alternatively, a POE cable cord. POE (power over ethernet) systems only require the single cable which provides both signal and the electric.


Wired security camera systems are the ideal solution for larger premises, home security and business surveillance. These systems come optionally with 4 channel, 8 channel and 16 channel and are designed to run 24 hours per day & give live feeds or playback straight from your smartphone or tablet via an app.


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Wireless CCTV Systems

The main point that a wireless system addresses is the installation of a hardwired system. Wireless alarm systems transmit footage wirelessly from the data recorder to the viewing device. Smoke detectors funtion & placement


By transmitting the data wirelessly, you’ll have access to the footage and recording either through cloud or a built in device from any location. Wireless CCTV systems connect via your  wifi signal but each camera must always have its own power supply. Hard wired systems are more permanent, one of the main benefits of a wireless CCTV camera system is that it can be easy to set up, take down and move making it ideal for temporary renters or mobile protection.

cctv camera kit

On the other hand, one downside of a wireless CCTV system is that they are very sensitive towards reception and interference. Modern day life and the demand of technology can pose an issue with the connectivity and reliability of wireless alarm systems.

CCTV For Homes

Benifits of a CCTV system:


  • Monitor Activities
  • Collect Evidence
  • Crime Prevention
  • Real-time surveillance
  • Criminal evidence
  • Reduce security costs
  • The Best DetErrent
  • Total Peace Of Mind

At Prime Fire Security, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide cost effective security solutions for homes and Businesses across the UK.


Prime Fire Security uses only the best quality security products and a range of top quality CCTV packages to suit every budget, and with the best deterrent value, CCTV will effectively end your security worries for now and forever.


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